House of Troun Studio


The heart of our House of Troun studio is a 1966 Ampex AG-300 8-track tape recorder -- the original machine from Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.

This is the deck that recorded The Beach Boys, The Monkees, Animals and Love's 'Forever Changes', among countless other classics ... so the energy is about as real as you can get. To bring this energy to life, we use old tape as well -- NOS Scotch reels from the '60s.

Special attention has been paid to performing and recording our albums as if they are true relics. Our productions liberally utilize vintage instruments and recording techniques -- and everything was recorded as sacredly as possible, as if it were 1968. We mix to mono or stereo on our Ampex Ag-440 1/4" tape decks.

Other decks used in the studio are a Scully 280 and Teac 80-8.

The Fender Electric XII (1965 model) is featured on all of the Magic Hero records and has a very special, swirling sound, unlike any other instrument!

Among the vintage organs featured on our records are the RMI Rock-si-chord, Farfisa Professional, Mellotron, Ace-Tone Top 5, Yamaha YC-20 and the RMI Lark. We're currently looking for an RMI Explorer and RMI Calliope if anyone knows where we can find these organs.