Saturday, June 1

From 2007-2013, Magic Hero vs. Rock People released six albums of their own unique brand of “Thrift-Shop Psych-Pop”. Upon conclusion of this first golden era, a compilation of highlights, Mystery of Revival, was released. Troun Records is pleased to announce a reissue of that original compilation, along with a new album: Elder Dimensions.

Elder Dimensions is a “Best of the B-Sides” collection of highlights & rarities that were not included on the Mystery of Revival compilation. 

These recordings date from the original Magic Hero era and were transferred from the stereo & mono 1/4” masters. As most of these releases are now out of circulation, this two-fer reissue effort aims to take the tracks out of the deep underground and into the current music listening paradigm.

If Mystery of Revival contains the “hits”, then Elder Dimensions is surely comprised of the B-sides: and in the case of the lead off tracks of each collection, it’s quite literally the case: the lead-off track to Side 2 of the 2012 Secret Enemies EP, “Time to Crawl in My Hole” begins Elder Dimensions, and makes its first leap out of vinyl here (along with “Heroes for Sale”).

Other previously unreleased tracks include three instrumental “movements”: “The World Unknown” (released in full form on the group’s 2008 self-titled debut), along with “In My House” & “Piece by Piece, Magic by Magic”- originally recorded as segues for Oak of the Golden Dream (2013), but left in the can.

“Ripple & Wind” appeared on 2011’s Odd Zen Ends album in its original mono mix; here it is presented in stereo via an experimental remix done in 2013. Rounding out the rarities is an edit of the Sky Saxon / Magic Hero jam “Acid Greets YaHoWha”, a trimmed-down version of the ambitious original recorded in May-June 2009.

… So turn on, tune in, and STAY tuned in by going forward into the past with Magic Hero vs. Rock People:

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