Tuesday, April 30

Rock People live in the shadows and run from the shadows. They are permanently stoned on false promises. We must avoid the television, that is one of the ways that they are programmed (how easy it is to fall into that trap). Light a candle in the evening instead, prepare a good meal. Create something. Enhance your environment. Avoid gratification and decide instead to contribute. You will find that your spirit is lifted and the insecurities of your body are no longer the boss. Find allies. Watch out for devils that may follow you around. These can be disguised as harmless consumer products which are presented in attractive packaging. They will follow you. Once you have recognized what is bad for you and what is good for you, it becomes very clear how very strong the bad will hold on to and entice you. Don't give in. 

This is not outsider philosophy, it is real. This is not conspiracy, it is human nature and the end result of a brand of capitalism so extreme it will stop at nothing. It needs more, it is never satisfied, nothing is ever good enough, no amount or speed or growth is as large and fast as they want it to be. The machine never stops, there is no humanity. To rock people, there is nothing wrong with any of this, they don't even see or hear what is there. There are some that recognize truth, or acknowledge small pieces of reality, but they push it away and continue to play along. Realize what's real and don't give up. Would you prefer your eyes to be glowing or stoned dead? Would you prefer your ears to hear beautiful sounds or machines pumping waste? Do you wish for your heart to be open? And your will free?

One of their main goals is to keep everyone content and comfortable. It is when people are uncomfortable that they begin to think, they begin to challenge things. Allow yourself to become uncomfortable. Involve yourself in strange situations. Become a Magic Hero. Only then will the truth reveal itself.

- Magic Hero vs. Rock People