Wednesday, May 1

Troun Records is pleased to announce a new release from Magic Hero vs. Rock People, OAK OF THE GOLDEN DREAM.

"I had a really great time last night. I don't know if it was the booze or the overdose of human contact, but something emphasized the impact of suddenly realizing that another drone who lives in the factory as a human cog was, in reality, a great showman.

He lives in the same world that I do, 'where schools try to fool me and fools try to school me,' but he's managed to find a place to create a possibility ... the thing that happens with the perfect combination of substance, will and innocence.

Who is this magic hero who sees Charles Manson as the one president of the U.S. that can really end the war? It is necessary to go to a live performance by this craftsman to understand the complete dimension of his work. Don 'hates to perform', so it's a great night when you get to see him play live in front of, well, the other bands that will play after him that night, and a few other aliens, like me. It's all so … kind of ridiculously spontaneous.

'I live in a world where love is dying' ... the world we are all stuck in. He invites us to take that statement, if anything, home from this evening. We do. We realize we live there too as we play it in our heads, and wonder how we ever got here, as the he throws clues at us, in hope that someone is listening: 'Mister Rogers.' 'Charles Manson.' Perhaps there is hope. We also hear the Sesame Street theme and get a recommendation to watch Mr. Wizard: 'He might teach you something'.

For the few there, the trip has been a memorable one, which we'll talk about with our trusted peers. Or maybe not. Maybe it will remain a secret. An undocumented rarity from the music underworld.

So now there is a new refinement of the Magic Hero sound, a California album: 'Oak of the Golden Dream' … 12-string & fuzzed-out guitars. Harpsichords, flutes ... Mellotron. A dizzying array of tripped-out pop music,  a distant orchestra … recorded on ancient Ampex tape recorders. With old tape. And old ways … but it's all new really."

Pablo M., San Francisco, Calif.

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"Treat It Like Your First" Promo Clip

"Summer Is a Place in My Mind" Promo Clip

"It All Depends On Everything" Promo Clip

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